Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems

State of art technologies

Cemstron sells and supports a variety of emissions monitoring products designed to operate in a variety of applications. COMS is an instrument that continuously measures opacity, which is a measure of the amount of light attenuated by particulate matter in effluent emissions. the most popular techniques to measure the opacity is single-pass, Double-path laser and double-pass LED systems. The percentage of visible light attenuated is defined as the opacity of the emissions. Transparent stack emissions that do not attenuate light will have a transmittance of 100 percent or an opacity of zero percent. Opaque stack emissions that attenuate all of the visible light will have a transmittance of zero percent or an opacity of 100 percent. Opacity often is used as an indicator of the degree of particulate matter emissions.

The COMS equipments we support are:

  • MIP
  • Durag
  • Teledyne
  • Ametek