Training Programs

Knowledge is power

Training is an integral to operating and maintaining a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System. We offer several levels of training for plant operators, technicians, and management personnel custom tailored to your site specific equipment. The most common training courses requested by our clients are operator level training and technician level training.

Operations Training:

The operations training program is designed to target plant personnel whose CEMS involvement is limited to monitoring data, calibrations, and systems alarms. Course topics include overview of the CEMS, quality assurance procedures, limited QA/QC activities, and monitoring and acknowledging general CEMS alarms. The benefits of this course include familiarizing operators and plant management to the CEMS operation. CEMS issues are typically noticed and monitored more closely after training and internal communications between plant operations and maintenance personnel is more clearly defined.

Technical Training:

Technical Training - Because CEMS typically operate trouble-free, plant technician's equipment and system troubleshooting skills decline over time. Our technical training course covers all levels of the CEMS equipment, including troubleshooting, quality assurance procedures, and preventative maintenance of the system and components. Trained personnel also communicate better while troubleshooting with the CEMS vendor during periods of emergency repairs. This course is an excellent benefit for experienced and new plant technicians.

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